Sprinkler And Drops Irigation Systems

Sprinkler irrigation is a method of irrigation by spraying water into the air and then water falls to the surface of the ground like rainwater. The purpose of this method is so that water can be given evenly and efficiently in the planting area, with the amount and speed of waterless or equal to the infiltration rate. Thus in the process of giving water, there is no loss of water in the form of runoff. Additionally, you can visit https://www.handymantips.org/how-to-install-poly-pipe/ to know more about poly pipe for irrigation.

The Sprinkler irrigation system is suitable in areas where the wind speed is not too large, which causes some of the water to be lost through evaporation. Thus the efficiency of the use of higher irrigation water can be achieved. The amount of irrigation water applied to the Sprinkler irrigation system will vary according to the soil texture and depth of the plant roots.

In addition to the Sprinkler irrigation system, drip irrigation is a way of giving water to plants directly, both on the ground and in the soil through continuous drops and slowly on the soil near plants. Water dispensing equipment in the drip irrigation system is called an emitter or dropper. After leaving the dropper (emitter), water spreads into the soil profile horizontally and vertically due to the capillary and gravitational forces.

Drip irrigation is suitable for soil that is not too dry. The area of the irrigated area depends on the amount of discharge and interval, the structure and texture of the soil, soil moisture, and soil permeability. This method aims to utilize limited amounts of water in vegetable crops on dry land.

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