These Are Some Of The Side Effects Of Plastic Surgery

The most common side effects of plastic surgery are facial swelling, redness, or pain after the completion of the procedure. Apart from these risks, there are also possible side effects of anesthesia. Usually, all of these effects will subside on their own over time. That’s why you should choose your plastic surgeon carefully, and we only recommended the licensed and trusted surgeons like Dr William Portuese .

The following are some of the side effects of plastic surgery and other complications that might occur:

Incorrect results

Maybe this is the biggest fear of any plastic surgery patient. Instead of getting a face that you’ve been dreaming of, your appearance might be even less satisfying

Nerve damage or numbness

In some cases, the nerve can be damaged or disconnected during a plastic surgery procedure. When the facial nerves are injured, the results can make the face unable to express or the eye ptosis (the upper eyelid drops)


The risk of wound infection after surgery can be triggered by bacteria entering during or after the operation, causing injury to the former incision. However, the chance of surgical wound infection is small, only 1-3% of the total cases occur.


Hematoma is a collection of blood outside the blood vessels. This condition can occur after surgery, making the area that is operated on swollen and bruised with the appearance of a blood bag under the skin.

In some cases, the hematoma may be big enough to trigger pain and even inhibit the flow of blood through the area. Surgeons can choose to remove some of the blood collected with syringes or other similar methods.


Tissue death can be caused by surgery or problems that arise after the procedure. In most cases, the risk of necrosis from plastic surgery is very small or even almost non-existent.


Like other surgical procedures, bleeding is a side effect that can occur after plastic surgery. Bleeding becomes a problem when exiting excessively, or continues after the wound should heal.