Get to know the type of watch strap

The strap is an important part of a pregnant watch. The choice of the type of watch hamilton strap is very important because it affects your movements and daily activities. Of course, the rope must be adjusted to your activities, along with various types of ropes/straps on the watch hamilton available for you to choose according to your needs. Stainless steel strap is pretty cool to use in the hand, besides that Stainless Steel material also tends to be more durable. But the drawback is the heavier size that weighs on your hands. In addition, the Stainless Steel material that is long used will cause scratches/scratches so that it will look duller.

Using leather material on your watch makes you look quite elegant. Especially the color of the leather strap that is available in various colors so you can adjust it to fit your clothes. But the skin material is not suitable for those of you who often sweat and activities that come into contact with water. Because water can make the skin become damaged quickly.