The attachment Of Plastic Shower Panels On The Glue

Preparation activities begin with the dismantling of old results. The bat will help you remove paint or tiles, and you can use an ordinary kitchen knife to clean the wall from the wallpaper. If in any place the plaster does not hold well, then you also have to get rid of it. Then all visible defects are filled with putty, after which the flatness of the walls is checked by the building level. How do you attach a plastic shower panel to the wall, if the second one has a large deviation? To do this, you can use a frame attached to the wall with screws or nails.

If you cannot successfully align the wall, you must use a frame for the panel.

In the next step, you need to prepare finishing materials to paste. In this case, the shower panels are cut to the required size and reduced for better adhesive adhesion to the plastic. As a fat cleaner, you can use alcohol or acetone.

If the coating is made directly on the wall, the adhesive mixture is applied to the entire back side of the panel in a continuous layer or point. If the material is tied to the frame, only the contact point is finished with glue. After applying PVC glue the sheets with a little effort stick to the wall. After you can glue the plastic shower panels to the wall, a framing profile is installed around the wall to make the finishing surface more attractive.

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