The Struggle Of Cannabis Legalization For Pets Becomes Serious In The USA

Permission to use marijuana for medical purposes is still a matter of controversy in several regions of the world. However, in Nevada, the United States, the government pushed this further by drafting a law on the use of marijuana for pets. The use of cannabis or cbd oil dogs on pets might not bring direct dangers to human lives, so this perhaps becomes the reason why some politician in the USA government supports this bill of the new cannabis regulation for pets.

Submitted by a Democratic party member, Tick Segerblom, the owners will be able to obtain marijuana for their pets if they have been through veterinary confirmation. The condition that is allowed so that the owner can get marijuana is if the animal has a chronic and serious medical condition.

Besides the use of marijuana for animals the bill also includes medical use for humans. In it, there are rules for pharmacies and also penalties for drivers when caught driving under the influence of marijuana.

Becky Flowers, the owner of a farm in California, said the bill should have been implemented. He claimed to have spent years using marijuana for his horse, Phoenix, which suffered from the degenerative joint disease.

“He only lay for days and didn’t want to eat or drink,” Flowers recalled when he hadn’t given marijuana.

Medical marijuana is indeed used to relieve pain, but veterinarians warn about the effects of marijuana, which is not widely known, especially for animals. The head of the veterinarian association, Dr. Robert Silver, warned the owners to be careful.

Studies show that dogs have a different reaction from humans to the active ingredient of marijuana named THC. Because dogs have more receptors for THC in their brains, they are susceptible to neurological effects and poisoning.

“There is still a lot of research and education needed before we can introduce marijuana to pets,” Dr. Silver Stated.

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