These Are Some Functions of the Home Button on the iPhone

Many iPhone users don’t realize that they have a habit that damages parts of the iPhone. One of the most damaged parts is the home button on the iPhone. If you experience this, then you can use the services of the breakfixnow iphone power button repair prices.

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The home button on the iPhone has many functions. The iPhone will not work properly if the home button is damaged. These are some of the functions of the home button on the iPhone.

1. The home button can display all applications in the Multitasking Manager
If you press the home button twice on the iPhone, then to, the bol can automatically bring up all the applications in the Multitasking Manager.

2. You can access the Control Center more easily
If you don’t want to bother when accessing the Control Center window, then you can do it with a single click on the home button.

3. The home button can bring up the contact menu
You can press the home button twice to bring up a contact.

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