These Are The Tips To Handle A Negative SEO

There are many people who optimize SEO so that their website can be ranked first on Google. Unfortunately, many people don’t get professional SEO services so their website can’t be on the first page of Google. For that, they need quality and professional SEO services. One of the services of a professional SEO service is agencia seo alicante.

In addition to optimizing the right SEO, you also have to deal with negative SEO that can happen to your website. Negative SEO can have a negative impact on your website. There are several ways to overcome the negative SEO. Here are some ways you can do it.

1. Note the Link Backlinks that you want to delete
With the help of Google Webmaster Tools or other backlink tools, regularly monitor the growth of the number of backlinks to your website and you must mark all links to your website. Check the source of suspicious links, and if you feel the link can damage the reputation of your website, then you should put it in the backlink list to delete.

2. You must list the link that you will delete
After you have a backlink list to delete, the next step is to contact the webmaster or admin via the contact page. If the contact page is not available, track the website owner using the site to get the email address and contact number.

3. You must make a list of disavowing link
Have you ever received an email notification about a manual penalty? If this happens to you, then use the Google Disavow Tool to delete bad links (bad links / low quality), which we have not managed to delete using method number # 2. The list link then submits to Google Webmaster Links. Google webmaster links will help you to handle it.

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