This Is The Proper Technique To Paint Your Car

Basically, the painting process consists of two main stages, namely clotting, and painting. The painting process requires serious experience and work as well as calm in work. Aside from that, you may call the best auto detailing oceanside to help you paint your car quickly and professionally.

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Here is the right car painting technique that you must know:

Applying Putty to the Car’s Body

The results of the painting also depend on the results of the putty, so the putty work is very important and cannot be underestimated. Good caulking will look solid and nothing looks hollow. And if the results are not evenly mixed, it will affect the final result (after painting) and will disappoint customers.

Clean the part of the car that will be painted

Of course, this must be done first to remove the dirt in the body of your car, to be clean and get the desired results.

Smearing Car Putty

Apply thinly and evenly putty. When polishing it should be done slowly and remain constant, not too fast or not too slow. If the results are hollow, the caulking must be repeated until smooth and even. Wait until the half putty is dry and put it back until you get the desired thickness of putty.

Emery The Parts That Have Been Applied With Putty

Before sanding, you should wait for the putty to dry. After drying, continue with the sanding process. Emery using coarse sandpaper to get the desired shape. And for straight results, it is better to use a plate or plate attached to sandpaper. Then, repeat sanding with fine sandpaper and added with water.

After the putty is completely dry, proceed with painting the car. but beforehand, it’s best before painting spray first with epoxy then emery (size 2000) using water, so that it looks smooth and even.

Car Body Painting

Before painting, of course, you must first choose the desired paint color. But most car paint colors are not the basic colors, so the color of the paint produced is not necessarily in accordance with your desire. you should buy paint in special paint and choose one that has good quality.

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